Creative Ad-Duracell

Creative Ad – Duracell Battery Ad

As part of our requirement we have had an opportunity for creating an ad for Duracell batteries.

This advertisement is targeting single men from 55-64 years old that make over $90,000.00 a year.  They watch TV and Social Media ads for the most part of their media consumption.  The advertisement is portraying a man that is on a high adventure trip.  He is carefree and enjoying his well deserved adventure trip.  He has head gear with a flashlight and is shining that up at the stars because he is so confident in his battery pack that he is not worried about running out of light.  He also had a flashlight turned on in his tent and likely a battery powered lantern that is generation a lot of light.  He partakes in social media so he’s accustomed to seeing post with family and friends.  He’s looking to make his own mark on the world and have some neat experience to post.  Although he travels alone, he does try to make his mark on the world.  For fonts, I chose a Futura Bold font down that was downloaded and used to closely match the font used in the Duracell ad. The Living Colors font was used in the top font for a pop and to catch the reader attention.  The verbiage has a strong left justification to add a strong design in this advertisement. In the call to action verbiage I used the eyedropper color tool to match they gold color in the tent to catch the reader eye.  I also added a photo of a flashlight that is laying the tent floor that is turned and adding in providing light the hiking trip.   There are two photos combined, one if a flashlight and one is the background photo of the hiker up on the rim.  I liked doing this advertisement for batteries and as I’m finishing up, more ideas keep coming to my mind to add and play around with, but I will stop for now.


Flashlight –

Background and hiker –






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