Purina Ad Final Project Correct Slide

I had a panic when I realized my linked ad didn’t update on my slide.  I was under the impression that it would.

I’m glad I know that it doesn’t.  When you link and you make changes to the main file you linked to, that doesn’t mean the slides you exported your link to updates.  Here’s my corrected copy.


Purina Ad Final Project correct slide


Design Layout – Getting Real

The study of InDesign has opened up a world of possibilities for me.  What an awesome program.  The learning curve is a challenge and a bit of a distraction at times, but I tried to focus on the design elements when working on my project.  I was looking for colors and fonts that might be eye-catching.  I chose the Kristen ITC bold font for the heading for a fun light contrast to the Arial font I would use for the article.  I did this to appeal to the youth that I hope will read the article.  I used large 20 Arial bold red font for the sub-titles, again to keep the interest of the young reader.  Both of these Sans Serif fonts are easy to ready and look sharp.

For my design element, I used soft rounded photos for a lighter effect for the younger reader.  For a strong alignment, I chose to keep the font to the left and allowed for uneven right alignment.  For a more professional look I didn’t indent at the beginning of the article or sub titles.  I also kept the subtitles flush left with an uneven right side for a more un-rigid look.  The softer elements of blue and grey left no room for guessing for the reader as to whether the pages belonged to the same article. I wanted to keep the colors contrasting, but still being in harmony. The strategic placement of photos let the reader be led on to each elements of the article.  The photos of my sons were included in the layout, as well as a photo taken Natalie Malon that was from the LDS.org website. The photo of Logan texting is a scene I see nearly every time I see Logan.  I tried to add a little depth to that image with the kitchen being off in the background and the cell phone being in the foreground.  The photo of Tyler gaming is again something I see daily.   I used the rule of thirds on that photo with the focal point being the computer screen.  I finally felt an “aw hah” moment with I was working in InDesign his week.  I can see now why it’s so widely used in business.


This is the layout.  I hope you enjoy, Nancy Davison